Soil Atlas

Facts and figures abouth earth, land and fields

De atlas bevat een breed scala aan onderwerpen die kort en bondig besproken worden. Met prachtige illustraties en info graphics. De kritische beweringen worden onderbouwd. Een greep uit de onderwerpen en de korte omschrijving uit de atlas overgenomen:

Beneath the ground, the invisible ecosystem

Soil fertility depends on several factors: the soil age, its parent material, its organic matter content, the  climate – and people.

teeming soils

Minaral fertilizers, an empty promise to end global hunger

Fertilizers are often seen as a vital means to increasing food production and crop yields worldwide. But the long-term damage they cause to the soil is often forgotten.

Land policy acceleration of a cliff

Soils are scarcely mentioned in international agreements. The neglect has not been benign.

The commons this land is our land

Who controls the land: private individuals, the government, or the community? Without private ownership, people have little incentive to invest. But community-managed commons are vital for billions of people.

Words and culture, on unsteady ground

A look at history reveals deep-rooted changes in our views about the earth beneath our feet – and helps us understand who we are.

De Atlas is door Heinrich- Böll stichting uitgegeven samen met Institute for advanced Sustainability Studie, Friends of the Earth Germany en Le monde diplomatque.

Deze bodem atlas 'Soil Atlas: Facts and figures abouth earth, land and fields' is gratis te downloaden